Ambrosia artemisiifolia

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annual weed with finely divided foliage and spikes of green flowers

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Ozone affects pollen viability and NAD(P)H oxidase release from Ambrosia artemisiifolia pollen.
Se trata de los pliegos VIT 75493 y VIT 75494, con material procedente de Portugalete (Vizcaya), que en realidad corresponden a la especie Ambrosia artemisiifolia.
Ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia, is a noxious plant that infests thousands of acres of arable land worldwide and causes allergic reactions--often seasonal--in many people," says Farr.
The only one of 40 species that showed a significant increase in AIB with increasing fertilizer was Ambrosia artemisiifolia (linear regression: ln[[AIB.
For example, following long-term nutrient enrichment at this site, sludge-treated plots were dominated by annual plant species such as Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.
The latter, found in Florida and southernmost Georgia (Futuyma 1991), is only known to feed on Ambrosia artemisiifolia (also Ambrosiinae), on which we have never found O.
5million euros - by focusing on the spread of Ambrosia artemisiifolia, more widely known as common ragweed, reports the Independent.
These floristic quality changes are due largely to alterations in species composition rather than species richness, as species dominance shifted from weedy plants, including Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.