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Our 13 patients presented with some interesting findings: all had a male sex assignment before the first consultation, and there was a delay in the evaluation of the ambiguous genitalia (mean age at the time of evaluation, 3 years and 1 month).
The study may also aid physicians in identifying the sex of infants born with ambiguous genitalia.
People born with ambiguous genitalia, or both male and female sexual organs, are classified as "intersex," not transgendered, Self explained.
CAH causes increased androgen production, resulting in ambiguous genitalia and virilization in girls and early virilization in boys.
In cases of congenital adrenal hyperplasia where the child is born with ambiguous genitalia, the DNA test can make sure that the proper sex assignment is given to the child, said Dr.
CAH is treatable by glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid replacement therapy in addition to plastic surgery for ambiguous genitalia.
Meanwhile, genetic females (that is, babies lacking a Y chromosome) born with ambiguous genitalia are declared girls--no matter how masculine their genitalia look.
Washington, Dec 3 (ANI): In some families, a child is born as a son, but develops physically as a female, although she may not menstruate, and her brothers and male cousins may have underdeveloped or ambiguous genitalia.
In contrast, transgender patients do not have ambiguous genitalia or physical inconsistencies related to sex at birth.
There have also been anecdotal reports of circumcision of infants with ambiguous genitalia.
Gender Self-Reassignment in an XY Adolescent Female Born With Ambiguous Genitalia, 106 PEDIATRICS 135 (2000).
Severe cases result in penile curvature or ambiguous genitalia, making immediate and accurate sex assignment of the newborn difficult.
When Aubrey was born in 2011 the parents discovered they had an intersex baby born with ambiguous genitalia.
Four-year-old Aubrey was born in 2011 with ambiguous genitalia and parents Michelle and Kyle decided the youngster should be a female.
Sexual identity development in individuals with ambiguous genitalia is an important dimension of the problem.