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a large strong and aggressive woman


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(Greek mythology) one of a nation of women warriors of Scythia (who burned off the right breast in order to use a bow and arrow more effectively)

a major South American river

mainly green tropical American parrots

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Andean building uses stone and adobe masonry, while Amazonian building takes advantage of immense timber resources to generate structures based on wooden skeletons with infill of tabiques -- structural partitions made o f wood and mud.
To date, the charter has been adopted by the World Congress of Local Governments, the Amazonian Parliament of South America, the World Federation of Engineers and the Sierra Club.
At the same time, Amazonian young people were leaving for the cities to train as professionals and they weren't coming back since they saw no economic future in their villages.
Drilling in Ecuador's Amazonian rainforest is nothing new.
Extensively illustrated, this volume presents art, culture and symbolism of Amazonian Ecuador from the perspective of the native creators themselves.
After more than 10 years, what Young calls her "familiar role of Amazonian scourge and moralist" is getting tiresome to more and more of those who didn't find it grating all along.
A federal magistrate judge in Tennessee told Chevron yesterday that he would sharply limit any further discovery of a scientific consultant for the Amazonian communities suing for the clean-up of what is believed to be the world's worst oil-related disaster, according to court papers in the case.
Objective: The anthropologic and archaeological study of pre-Columbian people of the Amazonian basin has revealed sophisticated agriculture practices.
MetaBrand Capital - a new "conscious capital" private equity fund and the investment pillar of MetaBrand - selects Brooklyn-based organic, fair trade and non-GMO Amazonian beverage maker Runa as its first major investment.
And after a miserable night in the Amazonian jungle, which saw defeat to Italy, the three supporters are planning a flight to Sao Paulo today to get ready for the next match.
FOR all the moody staring into the Amazonian distance and talking about family, the best moment of David Beckham: Into The Unknown (BBC2) came as the man himself was packing to leave home.
Derived from the Amazonian passion flower, this pure maracuja oil is a powerful and intuitive elixir that instantly absorbs into the skin, delivering a high dose of essential fatty acids and vitamin C to hydrate.
THE peat bogs of Wales are as important to the world as the Amazonian rainforest, a report claims.
Ignoring leaders, Amazonian indigenous continue protest
This Amazonian rainforest is the world's largest tropical rainforest and its largest continuous forest of any kind, encompassing over 6,000,000 [km.