Amazon River

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a major South American river

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Prices for the 10-day Amazon River tours start at $3,148 per person, and include accommodations, daily excursions, complimentary laundry aboard La Amatista, most meals, local transportation, guides, transfers and tips to porters and waiters for included meals.
After learning about the animals found in the Amazon River, visitors find out about the true perils facing the region today: damming rivers, pollution from gold mining, cattle ranching, over-fishing, bio-piracy, poaching and logging.
After their four days, the Pulsiphers will return to Cuzco, then visit ancient Incan ruins and travel down the Amazon River before flying back home to Leona Valley.
He based this hypothesis on his observations of butterflies in the Amazon river basin during the mid-1800s.
Shore excursions include Christmas Island, India and a trip up the Amazon River.
This purchase comes with unbelievable assets, to include, standing rainforest timber management, a major titanium deposit, clear title to all the logs at the bottom of the Amazon River and its tributaries, with carbon credits.
It includes back stories on many of the book's characters and the Amazon River area where the fictional tree came from, along with additional graphic material.
The eight-week Expedition will venture into the Javari River basin, a tributary of the Amazon River, on April 5, 2004.
The National Aquarium in Baltimore has made a dramatic addition to its world-renowned rooftop tropical rainforest exhibit -- Amazon River Forest.
He ate maggots in Mexico, cavorted with crocodiles in Australia, took a terrifying canoe ride down the most dangerous waters of the Amazon River and dined with headhunters in Borneo.
Since departing Oakland, this ship has circumnavigated the globe, journeyed up the Amazon River, sailed to the Antarctic Peninsula, and voyaged over 200,000 sea miles (equivalent to more than 8 times around the world).
AMAZON RIVER BASIN, Peru, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- In the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, renowned scientist and explorer Dr.
Her love of nature combined with a love of ``little boats and trains'' led Daphne to book a trip down the Amazon River this summer.
This is a chance for players to race through the Grand Canyon, climb the Himalayas and sail up the treacherous Amazon River in a unique adventure that spans the globe," says Doug Clemmer, President of ValuSoft.
the Amazon River is Earth's biggest river -- Amazon.