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central deity of Shinto

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id=1194999515) page on Steam Workshop to present its proposal to "Dota 2" fans of bringing Amaterasu to Valve's free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena video game.
108) Shintoism's chief god is Amaterasu, the Sun goddess.
Cintamanicakra-Avalokitesvara)--and similar triads in which Nyoirin Kannon is replaced by Kojin or Amaterasu.
The main deity celebrated during Saijo Matsuri is Amaterasu Omikami (the Great Goddess Amaterasu), the Sun Goddess and ancestress of the Imperial House of Japan, who is best known for a mythological incident which is currently seen as the first (and quite complete) description of a matsuri.
This was motivated by the fact that the Japanese people believed the Emperor had a divine power, which was derived from the Shinto belief that the Japanese Imperial Family was the offspring of the sun goddess Amaterasu.
President Barack Obama and other G7 partners one-by-one at Ise Grand Shrine in central Japan, dedicated to sun goddess Amaterasu Omikami, mythical ancestress of the emperor.
I loved this seemingly impossible conundrum and the way a deeply suspicious Amaterasu tries to resolve it.
Decades after fleeing Japan and building a new life in America, Amaterasu Takahashi is confronted by a missing piece of her past.
Legend says that all Emperors are descendants of the legendary first emperor Jimmu, said to be descended from Amaterasu, the sun goddess.
The new composition he has written, Amaterasu, is based on stories from the Japanese Shinto religion.
Amaterasu is living out a lonely widowhood in exile in America, when a disfigured man comes knocking, claiming to be the grandson she believed had been killed.
In Japan, one of the items of imperial regalia is a bronze mirror, associated with the goddess Amaterasu and passed down to the imperial family, who claim descent from her.
An interesting feature of Dreaming in Indian and its forthcoming sequel is that the books have not only the same editors but also the same designer, Inti Amaterasu (Hiro Chavez).