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Biological evaluation of structurally diverse amaryllidaceae alkaloids and their synthetic derivatives: discovery of novel leads for anticancer drug design.
Anticancer evaluation of structurally diverse Amaryllidaceae alkaloids and their synthetic derivatives.
Therapeutic activity of pretazettine on Rauscher leukemia: comparison with the related Amaryllidaceae alkaloids.
Antiproliferative amaryllidaceae alkaloids isolated from the bulbs of Sprekelia formosissima and Hymenocallis x festalis.
Comparative effects of some amaryllidaceae alkaloids.
New skeletons and new concepts in Amaryllidaceae alkaloids.
Amaryllidaceae alkaloids belonging to different structural subgroups display activity against apoptosis-resistant cancer cells.
A new method to address stereo-chemical challenges presented by Amaryllidaceae alkaloids.
Pressurized liquid extraction and anticholinesterase activity-based thin-layer cromatografy with bioautography of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids.