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Chemical and biological aspects of Amaryllidaceae alkaloids.
Allium cepa test: Siembra de bulbos de la familia Amaryllidaceae.
Amaryllidaceae (Alliaceae) Allium Garlic Lasona a stem (bulb) sativum L.
A subfamilial classification for the expanded asparagalean families Amaryllidaceae, Asparagaceae and Xanthorrhoeaceae.
Por exemplo, explantes foliares de Amaryllidaceae e Iridaceae nao sao responsivos em meio de cultura, assim escamas e rebentos sao utilizados, respectivamente (MEDINA et al.
Familia Amaryllidaceae Hymenocallis arenicola Lirio sanjuanero Hierba Ant Northr.
L Robinson AMARYLLIDACEAE Curculigo Curculigo P orchioides Gaertner CHLORANTHACEAE Chloranthus Chloranthus X elatior R.
In vitro cytotoxicity of some medicinal plants from Georgian Amaryllidaceae.
Families like Amaryllidaceae, Apocynaceae, Buxaceae, Asteraceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabacae, Liliaceae, Papaveraceae, Ranunculaceae and Solanaceae are particularly rich in alkaloids.
belongs to family Amaryllidaceae and is a perennial flowering plant popular worldwide as cut flower (Singh and Shanker, 2011).
Amaryllis, an ornamental bulbous flowering plant belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae, it has large and showy flowers with many bright colors (Jana et al.
Alfred Bader Award for his work on the development of enantioselective synthetic methods, bacterial dioxygenase-mediated degradation of aromatics, design and synthesis of fluorinated inhalation anesthetic agents, synthesis of morphine and amaryllidaceae alkaloids and their medicinally useful derivatives, and design of unnatural oligo-saccharide conjugates with new molecular properties.
Slide Two: The 1760s European print depicts, for example, a Bomare frondea, a plant from the Amaryllidaceae family, carefully illustrating its root system, stem, foliage and flower.