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a city in the northern panhandle of Texas

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Address : Department Of Veterans Affairs;Amarillo Va Health Care System;6010 West Amarillo Boulevard;Attn: Department Of Mental Health;Amarillo, Texas79106usa
said it has announced the launch of high speed Internet service of up to one gigabit in Amarillo, TX.
And one of the leading destinations is Amarillo, where members of Thawng's church and other newcomers from places like Myanmar and Iraq often work in meatpacking plants.
Emr did object, as the Amarillo logo was almost identical to its emblem.
Amarillo City Attorney Marcus Norris then tried to get the company to allow the city to use the similar-looking logo.
Auto Trim Design of Amarillo is now providing leases and installation on this ignition interlock device to fill an unmet need in the community.
Patrick Rhodes, aviation director for the Amarillo airport, said the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit of the Boeing MD-80, and alarms and warnings were triggered in the Tuesday incident, the Amarillo Globe News reported.
Zurek of Amarillo, Texas, were seeking a way out of the tense standoff.
The sole purpose of the Plan is to ensure the fair treatment of all Amarillo shareholders in connection with any possible take-over bid for the Company.
A BRITISH father shot dead in the United States after stopping in Amarillo because he loved the cult song was "in the wrong place, at the wrong time", his family said yesterday.
Producer Richard Curtis says this was a remarkable amount for one man to achieve, and Michael Parkinson, Gary Barlow, Tony Christie (who sang the original song) and the man himself all discuss the success of Amarillo .
Robert Forrester of Amarillo, Texas, on December 30, 2006.
Any collection strong in Texas history must have it: no study of Texas is complete without a thorough understanding of the roots and influences of Amarillo.
That's what Dirk Funk, instructional technology facilitator for the Amarillo (Texas) Independent School District, was charged with two years ago.