Amaranthus spinosus

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erect annual of tropical central Asia and Africa having a pair of divergent spines at most leaf nodes

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Collection of plant material: Healthy Amaranthus spinosus grown at the sides of railway track of north Delhi were identified on the basis of following characters: (i) Erect, armed, glabrous plants up to 60 cm in height (ii) Two axillary, diverticulate sharp spines, (iii) Much branched stem, green or somewhat raddish in colour and glabrous, (iv) Leaves 3-10 x 1-4 cm in size, ovate or oblong from a slightly decerrent base, gradually narrowed upward, apex, obtuse, rounded and glabrous, and (v) Flowers dense in axillary clusters, racemosely disposed, spikes often branched in lower regions terminal spikes often male flowers only, finally drooping perianth lobes 5, stamens 5, ovary ovoid or oblong, style 3, conical, stigma 3, fimbrillate.
An oxalate oxidase partially purified from mature leaves of Amaranthus spinosus plants has been immobilized covalently onto arylamine glass beads affixed on one end of a plastic strip with 56 per cent retention of initial activity of free enzyme and conjugation yield of 40 mg/g.
Detection and solubilization of a membrane bound oxalate oxidase from leaves of Amaranthus spinosus.
In combination with Abutilon indicum, Glycosmis pentaphylla, Eleusine indica, and Amaranthus spinosus, the fruits were used for treatment of prolapse of uterus.
Roots of Abutilon indicum are mixed with roots of Glycosmis pentaphylla, roots of Eleusine indica, and roots of Amaranthus spinosus and macerated.
In vivo antimalarial activities of extracts from Amaranthus spinosus L.
Anti-diabetic, anti-hyperlipidemic and spermatogenic effects of Amaranthus spinosus Linn.
Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of Amaranthus spinosus against CCl4 induced toxicity.