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any garden plant of the genus Alyssum having clusters of small yellow or white flowers

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For a border accent that looks like blue-and-white boiling sea-foam, combine 'New Blue Wonder' scaevola, 'Carpet Mix' vinca, and 'Snow Cloth' alyssum.
Great combined with blue lobelia or purple alyssum.
Last week, campus workers were busy planting alyssum and watering sprouting bulbs, petunias and blooming rose gardens, as well as putting up signs congratulating the president on her inauguration.
Pots and tubs collection: Lobelia, marigold, cineraria, godetia, petunia and alyssum.
Luckily for gardeners, these include many favorite border flowers such as cosmos, sweet alyssum, and yarrow.
Among annual flowers, you could have planted snapdragons, pansies, lobelia, dianthus and alyssum.
TUCK A FEW CABBAGE plants among a sea of purple sweet alyssum and voila
Try petunias, begonias, ivy geraniums, lobelia, alyssum, bacopa and fuchsias.
Alyssum can be used in a variety of shades, from white to apricot to purple.
Common ornamentals and bedding plants recommended for a butterfly garden include lantana, hebe, spiraea, gloriosa daisy, coreopsis, cosmos, scabiosa, marigold, delphinium, blanket flower, wallflower, lobelia, sweet alyssum, and the many sages (Salvia species).
While the benefits of planting to attract beneficials have not been widely evaluated, one recent study conducted by University of California researcher Bill Chaney proved that planting rows of white sweet alyssum between rows of lettuce actually increased the number of beneficial insects that visited the plantings.
2 -- 3 -- color) Yellow jasmine, left, and alyssum are simple to grow.
The living bouquet pictured below right grows in a 6-inch plastic pot nested in Spanish moss; white sweet alyssum spilling over its sides gives it a lacy look that dresses up tables for formal suppers outside.
Private jet charter marketplace leader Victor has announced an USD 18m co-investment from BBA Aviation, BP Ventures and existing shareholders to help form the newly created Alyssum Group, the company said.
Q In a previous column you showed some yellow alyssum.