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acting to neutralize acid (especially in the stomach)

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Compass also operates Castings Technologies Company, a squeeze cast manufacturer of aluminum auto parts in Indiana; Magnesium Aluminum Corporation, a die cast manufacturer of highly engineered aluminum and magnesium components in Ohio and Mexico; and SRC, the leading North American manufacturer of magnesium flux, a refining agent used in the production of industrial aluminum and magnesium.
USER--Werkzeugbau Schaufler, Laichingen, Germany, ranks among the top European diemakers, and specializes in manufacturing dies for aluminum and magnesium castings.
Schenk Foundry is an aluminum and magnesium caster that produces components for the automotive, motorcycle and electric industries using sand, permanent mold and high-pressure diecasting processes.
Aluminum--Aluminum alloys experience oxide inclusions because both aluminum and magnesium react with oxygen in the atmosphere to form aluminum oxide and magnesium oxide, respectively.
These case histories detail how computer simulation identified and resolved problems, whether actual or anticipated, and reduced overall costs in casting low carbon steel, ductile iron, aluminum and magnesium components.
Teksid produces cast iron, aluminum and magnesium components for the automotive industry and employs 15,000 people at 34 facilities worldwide.
In terms of nonferrous casting, both aluminum and magnesium are rapidly growing segments of the industry, according to Urbat.
foundry is using it, a number of aluminum and magnesium operations are performing additional application testing to determine practicality of the binder system in production.
Ganton Technologies, an aluminum and magnesium diecasting and machining firm in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, agreed to purchase Diemakers, Inc.
The auto industry is rapidly moving to reduce vehicle weight, and aluminum and magnesium castings are enjoying more opportunities to replace iron and steel.