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the practice of medicine without the use of drugs

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The approach is described in the context of the field of consciousness studies and recent developments in psychology, medicine, and alternative healing methods, and is illustrated with many stories of actual patients.
Mother Earth Essentials, in operation for over three years, has products sold in about 40 stores across the country with a wide client base from tourists to the health-conscious and those looking for alternative healing.
Scott Saunders, Director of The Integrative Medicine Center of Santa Barbara, which balances conventional medicine with alternative healing discoveries to achieve optimal wellness.
The result is a survey highly recommended for any reader interested in alternative healing.
Alternative healing therapies such as clinical yoga therapy, stress relieving therapies, relaxation and meditation, herbal therapy, detoxification and individualized nutrition have been shown to improve not only the quality but also the quantity of life.
The IHH also has its own library on alternative healing methods.
As a child in the 50s and later as a medical student in the 70s, my first exposures to the area of nonconventional, complementary and alternative healing were home remedies.
Now Kreuzberger, of Woodland Hills, is there for the Wellness Community, helping raise funds for the nonprofit organization that provides alternative healing programs for people fighting cancer in the western San Fernando Valley as well as Ventura County.
Yes, it all seems surreal, still," John said, taking a break with her mom and grandmother, Julia Kehewin, during Treaty Six's Alternative Healing conference in Edmonton May 4 to 6.
com, to make the practice of alternative healing and the holistic lifestyle more mainstream in Arkansas.
Delphi University & Spiritual Center A renowned international school of complementary and alternative healing since 1974, Delphi is also a magical place of spiritual growth and personal transformation.
Andrew Weil is the Philadelphia-born, Harvard-trained physician who migrated to the Arizona desert 30 years ago to champion what he calls "integrative medicine," which, he says, melds the best of modern science with alternative healing.
After a year back in Eugene, she is content to focus on other things besides her own running, such as coaching young athletes and studying alternative healing techniques.
After trying many of these alternative healing methods, it became apparent to me that it wasn't so much the treatment itself that was healing but rather my belief in it.
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