opportunity cost

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cost in terms of foregoing alternatives

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At a press conference at the California State Parent-Teacher Association in downtown Los Angeles, Romer urged Davis to find additional revenues by raising vehicle license fees and pursuing other alternative cost savings that would help spare the education budget.
Each qualifying senior can preserve up to an additional $10,000 of his or her estate legacy over a 2-year length of residency while saving the alternative cost premium of private-pay nursing.
This cost model, or the alternative cost approach, differs from the traditional cost approach in three important ways.
It valued these intangibles by comparing the acquisition costs of the core deposits with the alternative cost of borrowing funds to run its business.
This analysis will consist of cost comparisons and validation, as well as alternative cost savings.
Agility Enablement: Framework provides options to manage rapid growth, support alternative cost models (OPEX versus.
E's technology has the lowest production cost of 2 cents per KW/h, compering to alternative cost of production that costs 12 cents for wind energy and 16 cents for solar energy.
He said the strategy would be expensive and would involve risk, but the alternative cost of a complete collapse of the financial system would be "incalculable".
Mr Smith told this week's automotive summit at the ICC: "We are working very hard with our unions to avoid any further redundancies by finding alternative cost actions.
It is now a matter for the company to evaluate the options each individual has made under the alternative cost savings plan to see if it provides a viable option.
Arbitrage is a fancy term sometimes used to describe the benefits of the alternative cost of money.
Under the alternative cost method, a developer is permitted to recover (i.
For reasons of process efficiency and particularly health and safety, CPB Twyford needed to look for an alternative cost effective solution to storing and stacking the bags.
This article will discuss the alternative cost method and Rev.
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