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The authors thank Alstrom Syndrome International, specifically Jan Marshall, for allowing and supporting data retrieval.
We were referred to Alstrom Syndrome UK where I met other children with the condition.
After endless visits to hospital Anita was diagnosed with Alstrom Syndrome.
Alstrom Syndrome is a rare inherited autosomal recessive syndrome characterized by the onset of obesity in childhood or adolescence, Type 2 diabetes with severe insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, hypertension and severe multi- organ fibrosis, involving the liver, kidney and heart.
INTRODUCTION: Alstrom Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder, inherited as autosomal recessive.
Born with an extremely rare genetic condition called Alstrom syndrome, avid Dr Who fan Mr Parry, who lives with his parents in Ormesby, is deaf, blind and diabetic.
Simmy was diagnosed with Alstrom Syndrome, a rare genetic condition which affects eyesight, as well as hearing and internal organs, when she was seven years old.
The research will be managed by Alstrom Syndrome UK support group but carried out by Birmingham Children's Hospital and Torbay Hospital, in Devon, along with Cambridge University.
Graeme Parry, 27, suffers from Alstrom Syndrome, an extremely rare hereditary, genetic disorder.
Fifteen five-to-12-year-olds from across the country, suffering from Alstrom Syndrome, will be meeting at the leading Black Country tourist attraction on Sunday for a fun-filled day.