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A indicate that the acid-soil resistance, and by inference Al resistance, of these species can be characterized as: Crimson clover > arrowleaf clover [greater than or equal to] white clover > rose clover [greater than or equal to] alsike clover.
We did observe a difference in RI between two alsike clovers (Table 2), although a part of this difference might be a response to the poorer seedling vigor of the less resistant cultivar, Daubiji.
Alsike clover, a pasture and hay legume adapted to and naturalized in parts of northeastern USA and Canada, was included for comparison.
Under some management and environmental conditions, alsike clover leaves resemble those of white clover, but alsike clover is not stoloniferous.
Wild sweet clover and alsike is generally considered the best-tasting.
Arakeri and Schmid (1949) grew alfalfa, sweetclover, red clover, alsike clover, and white clover in the greenhouse at 20 [degrees] C.
50] temperature of alfalfa, red clover, sweetclover, alsike clover, white clover, sainfoin (Onobrichis viciifolia Scop), soybean, field pea, and navy and pinto (Phaseolus vulgaris L.
1991) compared genetic variation in naturalized red clover and alsike clover (Trifolium hybridum L.
16 P Mediterranean, Finland, Alsike clover Caucasus, Bulgaria, Iraq, Iran T.
Effects of row spacing and seeding rates on seed yield in red clover, alsike clover and birdsfoot trefoil.
The species covered in the book include white clover; lucerne (alfalfa); red clover; subterranean clover; birdsfoot trefoil and greater Lotus species; alsike clover and sainfoin; and serradella, sulla, and tagasaste.
Previous research at Minnesota showed that 1-yr-old stands of alfalfa, alsike clover (Trifolium hybridum L.
The association of flowering habit with winter survival in red and alsike clover during the seedling year of growth.