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thickening of tissue in the motor tracts of the lateral columns and anterior horns of the spinal cord

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In his article published in 1980, (28) Alsen makes it clear that Seymour's decision to marry Muriel reflects his understanding that his search of perfection has alienated him from other people, as well as his hope of being able to bridge his world and his wife's.
Those who were unwilling to examine causes and correlations perceived the infarction as an isolated event", said Alsen.
ND 735 is 5 d earlier than Alsen and 2 d later than 'Butte 86', a 1986 NDSAES HRSW cultivar release, but its maturity is similar to Reeder and Parshall.
Splinter was in charge of moving the 1909 Model MinneapolisFord tractor from Alsen, N.
For example, the Black Communities of Alsen, Wallace, and Homer have filed multimillion dollar lawsuits, received out-of-court settlements, signed petitions, held meetings and demonstrated to prevent sitings or to limit the pollution capabilities of hazardous industries such as Rollins, Inc.
Alsen residents began reporting headaches, chronic fatigue, cancer and spontaneous nosebleeds.
The most recent study of the book, by Eberhard Alsen, is nearly 30 years old and shows little interest in the dominant subject matter of the novel, namely the political uprising in the West.
She saw Alsen, Louisiana, a small, rural community a few miles north of Baton Rouge established at the end of the Civil War by emancipated slaves, as an ideal setting in which to raise her son and to indulge a lifelong passion, the study of nature.
Principal battles: Duppel (Dybbol), Alsen (Als) (1864); Koniggratz (Hradec Kralove) (1866); siege of Paris (1870-1871).
a Delaware-based toxic waste company wiht a plant in the town of Alsen, just north of Baton Rouge.
Also among the group is Shanghai-based Alsen Hsien, co-founder of Platinum China, voted the "Most Innovative HR Payroll Software Product" in China by ChinaHR Magazine.
We received the letter on Tuesday and have started an investigation on the letter," Police Security Service spokesman Siv Alsen told VG Nett.
Jason Perry and Tyler Alsen needs to be recognized as a highly generalized data set that should be used cautiously.