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a native or inhabitant of Alsace

breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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An oppressed people also sought refuge in one-upmanship, typified in the tale of Catholic Joseph and Jewish Salomon, who lived next door to each other in an Alsatian village.
The name Alsatian stuck as the word 'German' had a negative connotation.
The Alsatian, who wasn't on a lead, sank its teeth into Jake's shoulder and only let go when Steve, a volunteer coastguard, wrestled it off.
The white Alsatian is thought to have been loose in the area for weeks.
20pm on Monday, July 6, border terrier was attacked when a man walking two Alsatians on a field behind Newbottle Primary School, in Sunderland, let one of the animals off the lead at which point it attacked a border terrier that was being held on a lead.
Magistrates later ordered that Rocky, who was out without a lead that day with another Alsatian called Rudi, should be destroyed.
Control group for the deployment of autonomous sensors smoke alarms (DAAF) within the heritage of social landlords Alsatian members to AREAL: supply and installation.
To this day I freeze when an Alsatian comes near me.
The other day an Alsatian ran across the fields and bit Fido on the leg.
A MAN was bitten by an Alsatian dog which escaped from a house in Bagillt.
In her last chapter she examines French and Alsatian reactions to Nazism, resistance, and French women's enfranchisement.
If I were to sum up Alsatian food, I would say it is hearty, wholesome and delicious," said Blanc, inadvertently auditioning for a Pedigree Chum ad.
REPORTS that a 49-year-old mother died after being attacked by her pet Alsatian have been ruled out by police.
She says the Alsatian has 'a predisposition to go towards people.
visions and divisions of Alsatian regionalism, 1870-1939.