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a native or inhabitant of Alsace

breed of large shepherd dogs used in police work and as a guide for the blind

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Alsatian cuisine borrows quite a bit from the Germanic countries that surround the region, so pork, veal, duck, and beef are the staple meats, and you should try them accompanied by a serving of the local sauerkraut (surkrut) or a side of spaetzle (a type of fried noodle).
Many in the region spoke French with such a strong Alsatian accent that most Frenchmen could not distinguish it from a German accent.
examines the phenomenon of Alsatian regionalism by considering what Alsatians mean when they say "Alsace to the Alsatians"; how they present and represent their own history, culture, and traditions; how political developments in Alsace and Europe affected this regionalism; and how the regionalism of the pre-1914 period influenced that of the interwar years.
Most people would ask WHY is an Alsatian the logo for a ginger beer company?
Liewesschprooch, the Alsatian word for "language of love," is Claude Vigee's first book of poetry written in what are in fact his two endangered mother tongues, Alsatian (Elassisch) and Judeo-Alsatian (Elssaser-Jiddische Losche).
Or go crazy and drink white with beef: An Alsatian Pinot Gris-pastrami match might rock your world.
I had a large Alsatian dog and my chief inspector took us to Wenvoe.
ALSATIAN Dillon really is top dog - after becoming a lord.
Enjoyed your article about changes in Alsatian wines (by Norm Roby, May 2006).
Dante the Alsatian turned out to have the characteristic lower front leg gait of the African hyena because of an injured paw.
Italian cheese specialty Ricotta Romana and Alsatian honey, or 'Miel d'Alsace', will join the list of 'Protected Designations of Origin' and 'Protected Geographical Indications, which now number over 700.
Fischer Beer, the Alsatian brand imported by Star Brand Imports of White Plains, NY, will use a summer promotional campaign that ties themes of independence to the 4th of July in the U.
An oppressed people also sought refuge in one-upmanship, typified in the tale of Catholic Joseph and Jewish Salomon, who lived next door to each other in an Alsatian village.