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capital and largest city of the modern state of Israel (although its status as capital is disputed)

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Muscat: A splendid strike by Abdulaziz Al Muqbali helped Suwaiq hold Palestine's Hilal Alquds to a 1-1 draw in the second match of their double leg playoff in the AFC Cup at Seeb Sports Stadium on Monday.
USD 452,000 will go to activities of the Zakat Alquds Committee, and the rest USD 276,000 to the Al-Takaful association that cares for Syrian orphans and refuges families.
She said an independent viable state of Palestine with AlQuds as its capital is the only way to guarantee lasting peace and stability in the region.
Her articles have been published in the Guardian, the Independent, Corriere della Serra, and Alquds.
Each year, the OIC special committee of Palestine confirms all the resolutions in three areas: (1) the "question of Palestine"; (2) "AlQuds" (the Arabic term for Jerusalem); and (3) the "Arab-Israeli conflict" adopted by the Islamic conferences and AlQuds Committee.
Approximately ten people were injured during clashes that took place in Tahrir square on Sunday evening between street vendors and protesters from various political groups, according to pan-Arab daily ALQUDS, Sunday.
ALRAID : Ghazi : we will not close the negotiation file and Darfur movements are seeking positions strong conflicts with the opposition on the authorization of the negotiations with the National Congress Albashir to address today the inaugural session of AlQuds 8th conference the arrival of another batch of 280 Sudanese by air from Libya using the Kilogram as from mid Marcyh
In this fictional memoir of Saladin, Tariq Ali portrays the world of Crusaders, who occupied the Muslim city of AlQuds that was open to all the three faiths before her fall to the crusaders.
A A A A DG of Bayt Mal ALQuds Acharif Agency was also received earlier by President of the Palestinian Authority, MahmoudA Abbas, to whom he transmitted greetings from H.
Fuad Abu-Hamed, a resident of Tsur Baher, is the chairperson of the Alquds Dialogue Center ( http://alquds-dc.
aaThe Council also urged the member states to lend aids to Bayt Mal AlQuds and to Al Aqsa Fund to help them fulfill their mission in preserving the Arab and Islamic cultural nature of Al Quds and face up to the Israeli attempts to cast a Jewish identity on the holy city.
The Arabic newspaper AlQuds al-Arabi has said it received a claim of responsibility issued in the name of al Qaida.
subset]] primarily in three main texts, all of them the prologues of major works--namely, the Mashahid al-asrar al-qudsiyah, the Risalat Ruh alquds, and Al-Futuhat al-makkiyah.