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mountain climbing (not restricted to the Alps)

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As mountaineers struggled to come to terms with women, nature, and society, they developed a ritualistic approach to the sport of alpinism, as well as a convention for describing the sublime heights of the mountains.
The region affords unique climatic opportunities for recreation, rehabilitation, hunting, alpinism, mountain-skiing and skating.
The names in this book are a role call of foolhardy bravery and tenacity: Paccard and Balmat on Mont Blanc (1786); Saussure, Agassiz, and Forbes' investigation of glacial mechanics; Wills, who ushered in the "Golden Age" of British alpinism, atop the Wetterhorn (1854); Tyndall and Whymper's rivalry over the Matterhorn (1865); and finally, decades later, the epitome of 20th-century mountaineering, the five-day climb straight up the hellish Eigerwand by Germans laden with hardware and patriotism (1938).
I decided I wanted to speak French and I really wanted to go to Chamonix because I was very into skiing and climbing, and Chamonix in France is the birthplace of modern alpinism and the heart of extreme skiing before it was big here," he said.
It was only a few years ago that the International Olympic Committee consented to consider a number of sports that placed less emphasis on person-to-person competition and more on awareness of the natural environment: scuba diving, hang gliding, alpinism, and surfing.
She received a first grade in mountaineering and became director of the Moscow State University alpinism club.
Tenders are invited for Washing windows and glass structural elements of high-rise buildings AVK sites using the method of industrial alpinism, with difficult access to the forest or aerial platforms.
John, who met Alex in the 70s when they were students at Leeds University, said: "Alex was one of the founders of light and fast alpinism, where mountaineers attempt the toughest of climbs with as little equipment as possible.
In his speech at the closing ceremony in Chamonix, De Coubertin said: "For the first time a gold medal is awarded for alpinism, and it is awarded to the glorious expedition to the Mount Everest.
50 [pounds sterling]) By one of the greats of alpinism
No wonder the pioneers of modern Alpinism all came here for the great race to the top that culminated in 1865 with the conquest of Matterhorn, the toughest and most striking of the bunch, by a party of seven led by the Englishman Edward Whymper.
Here we must add a note to Davis's account: It was, ironically, the Germans who initially pioneered the "heroic" strategies that decades later came to be known as extreme alpinism.
On the shore of the bigger lake is a mountain home with accommodation capacity of 50-100 beds and stunning terrains for trekking, alpinism and sports.
Whymper's climb echoed around the world, launched a craze for Alpinism among his fellow countrymen and inspired the canny Seller family to expand their modest mountain inn into several luxury hotels which still operate with success today.
In line ahead of dance sport are alpinism, better-known as mountain-climbing; korfball, a weird variation of basketball from Holland; and orienteering, in which participants get dropped in the woods and use compasses to get out.