Alpinia galanga

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southeastern Asian perennial with aromatic roots

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Supercritical Stress Advantage[TM] includes the herbs schizandra, American ginseng, eleuthero, rhodiola, curcuma xanthorrhiza, alpinia galanga, turmeric, astragalus and ginger to help support men and women under stress.
Two phenolic constituents from Alpinia galanga rhizomes.
Acetoxychavicol acetate, an antifungal component of Alpinia galanga.
Indonesian medicinal plants, their families, parts used, local names, therapeutic applications, and voucher specimen numbers Part Plant name Family used Local name Alpinia galanga (L.
Pecah periok Stem Leaf RUTACEAE Citrus aurantifolia Swingle Limau nipis Fruit ZINGIBERACEAE Alpinia galanga Swartz Lengkuas Rhizome Curcuma domestica Valeton Kunyit Rhizome Curcuma mangga Valeton Temu putih Rhizome Curcuma ochorrhiza Val.