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Amid the public debt turmoil engulfing the European Union, investors have massively bought into the franc, sending it to record highs against the euro and threatening the alpine states export-led economy.
Smith believes the building of new facilities fits in with his long held belief that summer football should be introduced - pointing out that the Scanadavian and Alpine states have indoor pitches despite closing their seasons during the winter months.
The idea, which I originally drew up when I returned from playing in the Alpine states in the 1980s, is again relevant as the future of the league set-ups is once again up for public debate.
Market Overview-Scope Geographic Coverage Europe: Germany, France, Italy, Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg), Iberia (Spain and Portugal), Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland), Alpine States (Austria and Switzerland), Poland, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) (The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Greece)