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living or growing above the timber line

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Something of the same kind must have occurred on the intertropical mountains: no doubt before the Glacial period they were stocked with endemic Alpine forms; but these have almost everywhere largely yielded to the more dominant forms, generated in the larger areas and more efficient workshops of the north.
During breakfast our spirits came up a little, since we found by this guide-book that in the hotels on the summit the tourist is not left to trust to luck for his sunrise, but is roused betimes by a man who goes through the halls with a great Alpine horn, blowing blasts that would raise the dead.
We were so sodden with fatigue that we never stirred nor turned over till the blooming blasts of the Alpine horn aroused us.
Oasis") is the largest minority shareholder of Alpine Electronics Inc.
Seventy key suppliers were invited to Alpines 13th Annual Supplier Conference recently held in Shanghai for the China region and TTMs Shanghai facility was the only supplier to be presented the Alpine - VE (Value Engineering) award.
The Board of Trustees of Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund (NYSE:AOD), Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund (NYSE:AGD) and Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund (NYSE:AWP) on Friday announced regular monthly distribution for the month of December 2015.
Baldy and Loch Lomond, and four clubs, Norwester Alpine Club, Port Arthur Ski Club, the LSDA Carded Program and the Nesbitt Burns Senior Circuit, there is plenty of alpine racing action to partake in over the ski season.
Alpine grooved feed extruders feature a low L/D ratio for efficient melt processing with maximum flexibility.
The SEC and Alpine Pictures had no comment on the report.
In Alpine, religion rather than regional, class, or kinship ties shaped the community.
Tahoe's new Unfiltered Alpine Homewood pass (which offers unrestricted skiing and riding at both Alpine Meadows and Homewood) is $649 for adults; $1299 for families (2 adult passes and 2 passes for kids 18 and under); $199 for teens 13-18; $149 for kids 5-12; $369 for seniors 62-69; and $99 for seniors 70+.
In recent years, Alpine had based its marketing in part on keeping its terrain snowboard-free.
Alpine Access's continued geographic expansion allows the company to match each agent to the right client program.
The stucco-built but German-designed village is filled with shops, the Alpine Market with its European-style bakery and old-fashioned butcher, the Alpine Inn restaurant, a brewery, a wedding chapel where people really do get married, a flea market and even a traffic violators' school - located next to a small beer garden.
Founded in 1975, Alpine Air, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpine Air Express Inc.