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an electronic device that generates a series of beeps when the person carrying it is being paged


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For a heavy telecomm user who is also a road warrior, we can model an economic breakpoint for the use of nationwide alphanumeric paging service.
Alfie-It is a very useful tool to help people get their equipment integrated to alphanumeric paging," says Mr Evans.
Mitch Sacks, President of TSR Wireless added, "We believe alphanumeric paging is a perfect complement to Internet connectivity.
Blaupunkt's Radiophone fits into the standard car radio opening, and its radio tuning buttons double as the keypad for dialing phone numbers and entering alphanumeric paging and text messages.
All three hospitals will implement Ibex PulseCheck's patient tracking and reporting, which includes an interface with the hospitals' ADT systems, alphanumeric paging, charge capture, email and faxing functions and discharge instructions.
And with the steady growth in alphanumeric paging, we identified the need for an easy-to-use portable alphanumeric entry device," said Andrew Arnos, president of Pagerola.
Utilizing alphanumeric paging, the EA1 can emit an audible alarm and simultaneously print or display a desired warning or message on a sign.
Scheduled to begin before year end, the Telemig network expansion will extend the benefits of TDMA IS-136 digital technology - including Mobile Sleep Mode for long battery life and Short Message Service for alphanumeric paging without a pager - to new customers throughout the state of Minas Gerais.
Back then, customers relied solely on numeric, voice and alphanumeric paging, but the industry has evolved.
of over 750 resellers that provide alphanumeric paging services to the
Dale Oldford, Business Systems Manager at CCT explained: "The integration with our customer service system provided a complete solution that is a significant improvement over the automatic alphanumeric paging systems.
including guaranteed- delivery alphanumeric paging and interactive
In addition, Dallas-based VCP has an alliance with Daviscomms Pte Ltd of Singapore, Motorola's South Asian manufacturer of one-way numeric and alphanumeric paging products.
The fantastic growth of alphanumeric paging and the continued development of advanced messaging services like voice, two-way, and acknowledgment paging will halt the slide in average monthly revenue per subscriber," said John Zahurancik.
Innovative by design, the RUSH Communicator program will deliver nationwide integrated communications services including cellular, PCS, long distance, one-way alphanumeric paging, two-way reflex paging, Internet appliances and access and local dial tone services without requiring a credit check, contract, or security deposit.