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Synonyms for collation

a light informal meal

assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence

careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement

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Francis was represented by the fact that iaos is the only four-letter isogram in the Merriam-Webster unabridged having letters in alphabetic order in a certain scrambled alphabet, and Grant was introduced with his list of last-names-anagrams-of-first extracted from the New Zealand Electoral rolls.
If each disk is not an alphabetic jumble, but simply the letters in alphabetic order, then the incidence of conflicting solutions is related to the number of shiftword pairs and higher-order shiftword sets.
The consonants are in alphabetic order and the vowels in reverse alphabetic order.
You can get a word list in alphabetic order by traversing the whole graph.
1) construct a number name with all 23 letters in alphabetic order, and (2) construct a number name that has all 23 in reverse alphabetic order.
The letter changes must appear in the same relative position in each word, but they don't have to be in alphabetic order (rain-stain, nose-moose).
The Search By Title screen displays programs in alphabetic order.
Forwards and Backwards words are divided into half: in the first half, the letters are in strictly ascending alphabetic order; and in the second half they are in strictly descending alphabetic order.
The court said in its orders that federal and provincial governments should compile laws in alphabetic order and implement court order till February 17.
Any 'unchecked' letters (letters not part of a word of three letters or longer) within a subgrid must be positioned in alphabetic order, reading left to right, and top to bottom.
The stamps are arranged in alphabetic order from their countries of origin.
It was in chronological and alphabetic order, complete with their fathers' names, their professions, places of residence and charges against them.
It will probably be based on alphabetic order so that on the first of the month only those with their surnames beginning with "A" will be seen on that day, on the second the "B" and so on.
He employs the Mollendorf system of Romanization, with all entries in alphabetic order.
He was standing near Iran's seats which were close to those of Lebanon, because of the alphabetic order, and congratulated him on his speech, and told him that it was better than many Arab speeches I heard.