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one of the proteins into which actomyosin can be split

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List of differentially expressed proteins during myogenic differentiation of satellite cells from bovine longissimus dorsi muscle Spot Accession Protein name No number 1681 P00883 Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase A 2078 P14315 Alpha-actin capping protein subunit beta isoform 1 3116 P49410 Elongation factor Tu, mitochondrial precursor (EF-Tu) 2306 Q5E9B1 L-lactate dehydrogenase B chain (LDH-B) 2959 Q29561 UMP-CMP kinase (EC 2.
The research team led by Dianna Milewicz, professor and director of the Division of Medical Genetics at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston has found that mutations in n smooth muscle alpha-actin (ACTA2) cause early onset coronary artery disease, stroke and moyamoya disease, along with thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections.
The researchers developed a novel method for isolating functional smooth muscle cells from bone mar row by using a fluorescent marker protein and a tissue-specific promoter for alpha-actin, a protein found in muscles that is responsible for their ability to contract and relax.
AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma-derived cells in long-term culture express and synthesize smooth muscle alpha-actin.