Alpha Centauri

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brightest star in Centaurus

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You might think scientists would call it Alpha Centauri C.
The mystery world circling Alpha Centauri B is thought to be much too hot to support life, with surface temperatures of around 1,500degC.
On a geographic basis, fourth quarter revenues in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Japan each increased 30, 48, 22 and 2 percent, respectively, compared to the same quarter of the prior year, reflecting continued strong growth in the market and the success of SimCity 3000 and Alpha Centauri.
Both SimCity 3000 and Alpha Centauri have received critical acclaim from the media and consumers.
Journey to Centauri will reach its dramatic conclusion on the day the Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri demo arrives on the web site.
That means that in the star system Alpha Centauri B, a just-right planet could be closer than astronomers had once imagined.
The Alpha Centauri system -- composed of three stars orbiting one another -- is only 4.
Instead of Alpha Orionis, Eta Carinae, or Alpha Centauri they say Alpha Orion, Eta Carina, and (presumably) Alpha Centaurus.
It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the probe was now in the hands of Commander Ug of the Space Fleet of Alpha Centauri, a chap of simple Saturday night pleasures.
Pandora: A planet of the Alpha Centauri starsystem.
A study has shown that habitable rocky planets are likely to have formed in the Alpha Centauri system, a trio of stars 4.
Scientists tell us that, in "empty" space, radio waves lose their coherence quite rapidly, relatively speaking, due to interfering waves and dust, so that even receivers on Alpha Centauri, our nearest stellar neighbor, would at best receive the simpler carrier wave, with a whole lot of noise on top.
Sirius, Canopus, Alpha Centauri system, Arcturus, Vega, Capella system, Rigel, Procyon, Achernar, Betelgeuse
A small band of colonists on Genser's World, an earth-like planet of Alpha Centauri, meets up with other space-traveling species and tackles a dangerous computer intelligence as well as refugees from a ruined Earth in ALPHANAUTS, a fast-paced science fiction story of survival and new world achievement.
I think we should take all the world's leading politicians, put them in a large spacecraft, and send them on a one- way journey to Alpha Centauri - Astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, 81