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supergiant star 650 light years from Earth

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Online (Stephen Trevillion) won PHS Division 1 from UBS Wild Thing (Geoff Lavis) and OCL Too with Outlandish (Sean Barrett) winning PHS Division 2 from Alpha Carinae (Damian Barker) and Limelight (Alan Husband)
Canopus, the sky's second-brightest star, was renamed from Alpha Argus Navis to Alpha Carinae.
In SOPS Division 2, Outlandish (Sean Barrett) won the PHS category from Alpha Carinae (Damian Barker) and Velocity (Brian Carrick).
A third in the last race gave the Division E pointscore to the Eastsail Sydney 36, Alpha Carinae (Trevor Jarrett) by just two points from the Lexcen 31 Heavy Duty (Ian Uther) after the two boats had gone into the final race equal on points.