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Entre ellos, el genero Alouatta es uno de los mas estudiados respecto a sus parasitosis intestinales (5,7,13,15,16)
We were very surprised because Alouatta is the most studied New World primate genus in the wild and there is not a single observation of intentional ingestion of animal matter in the literature," said Dr Bicca-Marques.
Impact of seed dispersal by red howler monkeys Alouatta seniculus on the seedling population in the understorey of tropical rain forest.
Genus Species References Alouatta belzebul, seniculus Rettig 1978, Eason 1989, Peres 1990, Sherman 1991, Robinson 1994, Ford and Boinski 2007, Piana 2007, Ferrari 2009, this study Aotus sp.
leucocelaenus) collected in 2001, during an epizootic involving free-living nonhuman primates of the species Alouatta caraya (black howler monkey) in the northwestern region of the state (7).