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The k values obtained in our study (and by Mancini, 2005) for bigeye thresher are the lowest growth coefficients ever presented for this species and within the Alopiidae (Table 4), highlighting the slow growth pattern of this species and its consequent vulnerability to fishing pressure and mortality.
En cara mesial y distal de la raiz, tres canales laterales se abren al interior en una depresion Cetorhinidae Cetorhinus maximus 5 (6) Dientes moderadamente grandes, con o sin aserraduras y en forma de hoja, sin cuspides laterales Alopiidae 6 (5) Dientes grandes, sin aserraduras y sin cuspides laterales Pseudocarchariidae --Dientes unicuspidiados, delgados y prominentes.
Most sharks are cold-blooded, with the exception of the family Alopiidae or thresher sharks (Alopias spp.
ORDER FAMILY COMMON NAME Squaliformes Squalidae Angel shark Squaliformes Pristiophoridae Sawshark Squaliformes Squalidae Spurdog Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Cow shark Lamniformes Carcharinidae Blue shark Lamniformes Carcharinidae Tiger shark Lamniformes Scyliorhinidae Dogfish shark Lamniformes Sphyrnidae Hammerhead shark Lamniformes Cetorhinidae Basking shark Lamniformes Lamnidae Great white shark Lamniformes Lamnidae Mako shark Lamniformes Alopiidae Thresher shark Lamniformes Rhincodontidae Whale shark Heterodontiformes Heterodontidae Bullhead shark ORDER LATIN NAME SIZE Squaliformes Squatina squatina 1-2 m Squaliformes Pristiophorus nudipinnus 1.
Common name Family North coast (NC) thresher shark Alopiidae wolf-eel Anarhichadidae sablefish Anoplopomatidae jacksmelt Atherinidae plainfin midshipman Batrachoididae speckled sanddab Bothidae jack mackerel Carangidae blue shark Carcharhinidae medusafish Centrolophidae Pacific sardine Clupeidae Pacific herring Clupeidae Pac.