Alopex lagopus

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thickly-furred fox of Arctic regions

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Some comparisons between red and arctic foxes, Vulpes vulpes and Alopex lagopus, as revealed by radio tracking.
Distribution, morphology and use of Arctic fox Alopex lagopus dens in Sweden.
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Alopex lagopus.
1992: Red foxes, Vulpes vulpes, as biological control agents for introduced arctic foxes, Alopex lagopus, on Alaskan islands.
2002: Distribution, morphology and use of arctic fox Alopex lagopus dens in Sweden.
On the influence of the arctic fox Alopex lagopus on the distribution of Arctic birds.
Key words: arctic fox, Alopex lagopus, climate change.
Mots cles: renard arctique, Alopex lagopus, changement climatique, Bas-Arctique, tendances caracterisant la glace de mer, guillemots, oiseaux de mer
Food habits and observations of the hunting behaviour of arctic foxes, Alopex lagopus, in Svalbard.
Key words: Alopex lagopus, arctic fox, Vulpes vulpes, red fox, competition, interspecific killing, intraguild predation, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska
Mots cles: renard arctique, Alopex lagopus, renard roux, Vulpes vulpes, competition, attaque interspecifique, predation intraguilde, baie Prudhoe, Alaska
Observations of foxes, Alopex lagopus and Vulpes vulpes, and wolves, Canis lupus, on the off-shore sea ice of northern Labrador.