Aloe ferox

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much-branched South African plant with reddish prickly succulent leaves


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South African firm the Cape Town Aloe Company was showing a range of drinks, jams, marmalades and pickles all made with wild aloe ferox plants.
and has planted agave variegata, aloe ferox, sago palm, kiwi and a banana tree.
I have some troublesome steep banks here on which I find it difficult to grow anything at all, so over the years I have been planting among the weeds (wildflowers) some large specimens of Aloe vera and Aloe ferox and also some variegated agaves.
Geographical variation in the major compounds of Aloe ferox leaf exudate.
Aloe ferox, similar to aloe vera, grows abundantly in one of the poorest regions of South Africa, the Eastern Cape.
Aloe ferox is endemic in South Africa and efforts are already under way to market the gel and other derivatives for a variety of products.