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Specifically, the project aims to:Secure remaining Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa und Fraxinus excelsior through re-connection to the river dynamic;
We suggest that this wood species can provide a suitable alternative for poplar and alnus LVLs.
The beginning of Zone m-3 (AD 1050-AD 1994) correlates with the arrival of Alnus after AD 1050 at Marcacocha when the climate switched to comparatively warmer and drier conditions, but with no marked soil erosion event.
Acer saccharum Hard (Sugar) maple Heartwood light reddish brown, sometimes darker Alnus rubra Red alder Almost white to pinkish brown.
Around the 'graus', waterways between the sea and the lagoons, areas of plantation include Tamarix gallica, Salix, Alnus glutinosa, Fraxinus oxyphilla, Ulmus, Populus alba and Platanus.
alder -- Alnus Miller), including both thermophilous elements and species which were probably concentrated in the river valleys.
Generally these forests are of Carpinus betulus species mixed with species such as Parrotia persica , Alnus subcordata ,Fagus orientalis ,Acer insigne, Acer cappadocicum , Diospyros lotus and Pterocarya fraxionifolia .
After clearing the forest, the secondary landscapes are usually dominated by light-loving species, such as hazel, alder and bracken (Garylus, Alnus, Pteridium aquilinum) (Behre 1981).
The uppermost zone SMZ-6 (497-479 cm, silt with plant material/gyttja) contains macroremains of tree-birch, Alnus and Phragmites, and suggests a shift in the vegetation towards an assemblage of a much warmer climate.
One of my all-time favourite trees, a native of our local rivers and canal sides, the common alder, Alnus glutinosa, would seem to be a innocuous, almost unimportant tree.
Species Common Name Scientific Name ALDER Seaside Alnus maritima (OK, MD, DE, GA) ANISE-TREE Yellow Illicium parviflorum * (FL) APPLE Sweet Crab Malus coronaria (NY, IN, MO, KS, TN, AL, GA, SC, NC) APRICOT Desert Prunus fremontii * (CA) ARAUCARIA Cunningham Araucaria cunninghamii (HI) BAYBERRY Evergreen Myrica heterophylla * (NJ, PA, DE) BIRCH Kenai Betula papyrifera var.
Vortsjarv Pinus-- P-B I Limnea 4000 Contem- Betula porary Vortsjarv Betula-- B-P-Pc IIa Pinus-- Picea Betula-- B-A IIb Alnus Picea Pc III Quercus Q IV Lito- rina Tilia-- T-U-Fr V Ulmus-- Fraxinus Ulmus-- U-Co VI 8000 Big Corylus Vorstjarv Pinus-- P-A VII Ancylus Alnus Pinus P VIII Betula B IXa Yoldia 9300 Betula-- B-P IXb Pinus Artemisia- Ar-Bn X Baltic 10300 Ancient Betula Ice Vortsjarv nana Lake Pinus P XIa Pinus-- P-B XIb Betula Artemisia- Ar-Ch XIIa local 12000 Chenopo- ice diaceae lakes Betula-- B-Cyp XIIb Ice Cype- Vortsjarv raceae
0*: Alluvial forests with Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinusexcelsior (Alno-Padion, Alnion incanae, Salicion albae).