alluvial plain

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a flat resulting from repeated deposits of alluvial material by running water

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The bedrock on dam site composes of sequences of marl, mudstone with reddish brown and gray sandstone with silty-marl and greenish silt related from upper red formation (URF), while the abutments covered with old alluvial terrace.
State 3: Recent deposits like flood plains, alluvial terraces and alluvial fans, constituted by sediments gravity and stream flows.
One of the current projects, on the Akposso Plateau, is a search for diamonds, which have been recovered by small miners from the alluvial terraces.
A study by the United Nations in the 1980s and a follow up study by the SYSMIN I project in late 1990's, conclusively shows the presence of alluvial gold in gravels at or near the bottom of ancient alluvial terraces.
The diamondiferous gravels form part of elevated alluvial terraces which continuously border both banks of the river occupying the central part of the property.