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a nickel-base alloy with chromium and iron

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Localised corrosion of heat treated alloys Part 1 - repassivation potential of alloy 600 as function of solution chemistry and thermal
The use of Alloy 600 material for the above components results in primary water stress corrosion cracking.
Aside from refueling the reactor and performing regular maintenance and testing work, the current outage will also include some key equipment modifications such as Reactor Protection System Process Transmitter upgrades, a Control Rod Indication System upgrade, an Emergency Diesel Generator Fuel Oil System upgrade, Reactor Vessel Alloy 600 weld mitigation activities and Reactor Vessel 10-year inspection activities.
A Passive Film Formed on Alloy 600 in High Temperature Aqueous Solution
Additionally, the company provides services in component supply and replacement, engineering analysis, and piping and equipment repairs, including weld overlay repair and inspection of Alloy 600 material using advanced ultrasonic testing techniques.
has successfully completed the first visual inspection of reactor head control rod drive mechanism (CRDM) nozzle penetrations under the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's new Alloy 600 inspection guidelines at Beaver Valley Power Station, Unit 1.
The Alloy 800 sleeve uses differential thermal expansion to repair steam generator tubes made from Alloy 600 or 690.