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of or relating to the practice of allopathy


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One major study prior to 1994, recognized a high percentage of undiagnosed patients with migraine headaches by their allopathic physician.
Despite these reporting lags (and other inaccuracies), researchers continue to analyze Masterfile data simply because the AMA Masterfile is the most complete and authoritative source of information on the nation's supply of allopathic physicians (MDs).
In this study, perceived level of nutrition training had a positive correlation with nutritional counseling practice patterns for both chiropractic and allopathic physicians.
In this case, equivalence would be indicated if the 95% confidence intervals for the differences in outcomes (incorrect assessment of eligibility, completed abortion status and observed failure rates) between the allopathic physician group and each of the other two groups (ayurvedic physicians and nurses) fell within the margin of equivalence (extent of acceptable difference), which in our study was set to [+ or -]5.
One type is a little bit more mainstream or accepted by traditional allopathic physicians, and that would be things like acupuncture and hypnosis, podiatry and chiropractic, to some extent, therapies that have been around a little longer.
Now, because he did not have the facts, he has referred to an allopathic physician who might not do as good a job as he was doing.
The existence of such an exam for osteopaths, and the osteopathic dermatologist's board of directors' current opposition to a certification for allopathic physicians, is reprehensible.
While allopathic physicians must report nine measures, in 2015 chiropractors reported two measures: "pain assessment and follow-up," and "functional outcome assessment.
One key area that differentiates osteopathic physicians from allopathic physicians is the use of osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) by osteopathic physicians, which incorporates the musculoskeletal system when possible in treating patients (Johnson & Kurtz, 2002).
There are two kinds of practicing physicians in the United States: allopathic physicians (M.
Practitioners of osteopathic medicine are identified by the letters "DO" while allopathic physicians are identified by the initials "MD.
Allopathic physicians, nurses and ayurvedic physicians (10 each), none of whom had experience in abortion provision, were trained and then provided medication abortions to a total of 1,225 women at five clinics in Bihar and Jharkhand.
Author Dawson Church combines findings backed by 300-plus studies from fields as diverse as genetics, electromagnetism, and medicine to validate metaphysical concepts that have long been affirmed by practitioners of yoga, prayer, meditation, acupuncture, and other alternative health modalities, as well as by allopathic physicians who have witnessed the power of faith and belief to overturn what appeared to be a patient's genetic destiny.
In Faye's case, she was more sensitive than most to our toxic environment, which caused a galaxy of symptoms that her allopathic physicians, and even most alternative therapists, were unable to diagnose, much less relieve.
One of the book's purposes is to help introduce allopathic physicians to different techniques that are accessible to their patients.