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of or relating to the practice of allopathy


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In this case, equivalence would be indicated if the 95% confidence intervals for the differences in outcomes (incorrect assessment of eligibility, completed abortion status and observed failure rates) between the allopathic physician group and each of the other two groups (ayurvedic physicians and nurses) fell within the margin of equivalence (extent of acceptable difference), which in our study was set to [+ or -]5.
Despite these reporting lags (and other inaccuracies), researchers continue to analyze Masterfile data simply because the AMA Masterfile is the most complete and authoritative source of information on the nation's supply of allopathic physicians (MDs).
One type is a little bit more mainstream or accepted by traditional allopathic physicians, and that would be things like acupuncture and hypnosis, podiatry and chiropractic, to some extent, therapies that have been around a little longer.
Based on the education and clinical training of chiropractors, compared to osteopathic and allopathic physicians, the plan at hand is a misrepresentation of care for veterans," says AOA President Donald Krpan, D.
Like allopathic physicians, osteopathic physicians prescribe medication, perform surgery and practice in specialty areas.
16 action complements a decision by the American Board of Medical Specialties last September to move forward with plans to allow allopathic physicians to become certified in the new subspecialty.
Both Allopathic physicians and Homeopathic physicians agree that early treatment is critical in these influenza cases.
This guide, which covers osteopathic as well as allopathic physicians, gives states' licensing requirements, including relevant examinations and fees, requirements for re- registration and CME requirements, endorsement policies for physicians holding an initial license, information on foreign medical graduates, continuing education, national boards, and licensing in the US Air Force, Army and Navy.
As these institutions and their sponsoring cities grew in size and capability, however, so too did the aspirations of voluntarist hospital administrators and allopathic physicians.
Both allopathic physicians and complementary/ alternative practitioners identify this problem.
While most allopathic physicians may not recommend the use of energy healing to their ill patients" he says, "they might recommend other practices such as the use of vitamins.
In addition, the consolidation of services at two osteopathic hospitals into one of OhioHealth's three remaining Columbus hospitals appears to have been implemented well, however culture concerns with allopathic physicians may be present.
This is especially important for companies interested in penetrating the emerging market of allopathic physicians, who are concerned the most.
Even more importantly, Ullman credits the homeopathic physicians who treated these luminaries, often at great peril to themselves from allopathic physicians and licensing boards.
Allopathic physicians, nurses and ayurvedic physicians (10 each), none of whom had experience in abortion provision, were trained and then provided medication abortions to a total of 1,225 women at five clinics in Bihar and Jharkhand.