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of rocks, deposits, etc.

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Keywords: Northland Allochthon, Modal Analysis, Provenance, Tectonic Setting, Petrography, Ternary and discrimination diagrams.
The extensive leucogranite in the north (near the Tang Chu and shown mapped in Figure 2) along with thinner granite exposures outcropping at other basal sections of the allochthon all share similar chemistry and U-Pb zircon ages of ~18Ma indicating coeval crystallisation.
2007): Tectonic evolution of the upper allochthon of the Ordenes complex (northwestern Iberian Massif): Structural constraints to a polyorogenic peri-Gondwanan terrane.
Geology and geochemistry of subophitic volcanic rocks in the Humber Arm allochthon, western Newfoundland, Canada.
The Sylvester allochthon is intruded by the late Cretaceous Cassiar batholith to the west, and several other smaller stocks in the Cassiar area ranging in age from 90 Ma to 50 Ma.
Allochthon geometry requires two stages of extension, the older stage completed in early Windsor Group time and including most of the island, and the more local younger stage completed in Mabou Group time.
87 Ga mafic magmatism surrounds the Superior Province on all sides except the southeast where, if originally present, it has been obscured by the Grenville allochthon.
These northeast lineaments are parallel to a major geologic terrain boundary located approximately one mile to the south between Permian Golconda allochthon rocks on the north and Devonian Harmony Formation on the south.
At this point, it appears clear that length of stay and place of origin--reduced to a simple binary resembling that of autochthon and allochthon - became formally politicized in the struggle for government housing and a legitimate place in the city.
The geology of the Horse Mountain project comprises upper-plate chert, chert-argillite and quartzite in the upper plate of the Roberts Mountain allochthon.
The isolated strains are acclimated to the local environmental conditions of Baja California and therefore offer the opportunity of avoiding the introduction of allochthons strains.