Allen screw

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a screw with a hexagonal hole in the head

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After some rather non-telepathic debate, a flying Allen key and the sound of a slamming door, it was discovered that when the instructions had said, ``Join middle shelf supports with Allen screws 21'' they had actually meant, ``Join middle short shelf supports with Allen screws 21''.
I had no intention of repeatedly removing the scope, so I added an Allen screw through the scope base and threaded it into the scope rail and receiver more solidly to secure the scope to the rail.
To adjust the draw length, simply loosen one Allen screw and remove the other.
Tenders are invited for Galvanised Allen Screw Of Size 1/2 Bsf X 7/8 Td Length Item No 56 As Per Drg No Rdso / Sk 81200 Alt 5
Batteries will last for approximately 1-1/2 hours left in the on position The V2 is adjustable for windage using an Allen screw on the right side and elevation screws are located beside the on/off pushbutton.
Tenders are invited for Allen Screw M 12X160, Threaded Length 38Mm,, Head Length 12Mm, Total Length 172Mm For Wap-7 Locos.
Belt Mountain provides a slightly larger pin with several choices of heads and also a locking Allen screw to hold it securely--an excellent idea and one which definitely fills a need.
The forward ring of the receiver is slit and then threaded for a fairly large allen screw which effectively clamps the barrel.
Tenders are invited for Hex Head Cup Screw Allen Screw M42 X 300 For Draw And Buff Gear Of Schaku Coupler To Drg No.
Now place the collar over the case and insert the allen screw through a hole in the collar and screw it into the hole in the case.
Both have sturdy belt clips and come with an Allen screw for quick blade replacement.