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Synonyms for aliquot

an integer that is an exact divisor of some quantity


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signifying an exact divisor or factor of a quantity

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Each tested aliquot, before and after cryopreservation, was centrifuged at 300 g for 5 min and the supernatant (cell-free seminal plasma) was tested for total antioxidant capacity using the cupric ion reducing antioxidant capacity (CUPRAC) method.
Shearing was performed using a 3-mL syringe and a 22-gauge, 1 1/2-inch needle, and the blood aliquots (1.
We developed and validated a semiautomated tissue-splitting technique, tissue milling and division (TMAD), [3] that processes tissue into fine homogeneous powder that can be divided into identical aliquots for differential extraction.
The latter suspension was distributed in four 100-[micro]L aliquots: 2 aliquots were incubated with heparin and constituted the treatment groups in chlortetracycline stain (CTC) and indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) trials; the other two were not incubated with heparin and constituted the respective control groups.
Using leuko-poor red blood cell blood collected in Adsol and containing approximately 320 ml of red blood cells and supernatant solution, the average cost of neonatal transfusion aliquots was determined using the Charter Medical syringe set and the Charter Medical eight bag aliquot/transfer system.
Duplicate aliquots of each sample were treated with 10% trichloroacetic acid and sedimented at 1,000 x g for 15 min to precipitate macromolecules.
Each bag makes 20 litres of medium or diluent, sufficient for 88 aliquots of 225 ml, which can be dispensed easily through the outlet tube.
Using aliquots from the bulk solutions, 2 molal glycerol and 2 molal sucrose solutions were prepared.
The method comprises administering to the subject from two to four aliquots of modified mammalian blood, with the administration of any pair of consecutive treatments either being on consecutive days or being separated by a rest period of l to 21 days.
Additional aliquots from six bottles of RM 8504, selected according to a stratified random sampling scheme, were analyzed by GC-ECD equipped with not only a DB-5 capillary column (described above) but also one with a relatively non-polar stationary phase (DB-XLB, J & W Scientific, Folsom, CA).
1 mL aliquots were spread onto duplicate plates of VRE (commercial denomination product, Oxoid) agar.