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United States toxicologist known for her work on industrial poisons (1869-1970)


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While Alice Hamilton was, by all accounts, brilliant, it is doubtful she was learning to read and write as an infant.
Against this risk assessment framework stood a competing public health paradigm, articulated first by Alice Hamilton and colleagues, and then later, in the 1960s onward, by environmental health experts who identified as part of a social movement.
In 1991 he established Alice Hamilton College, specifically designed for union members.
The National Puerto Rican Forum and their consortium members at the Alice Hamilton Occupational Health Center, Office of Applied Innovations, and the Maine Labor Group on Health ($480,000): Train HazMat workers to respond to attacks using weapons of mass destruction.
An article published in the ASAE Journal of Agricultural Safely and Health (JASH) recently received Honorable Mention recognition in the 2002 Alice Hamilton Awards for Excellence in Occupational Safety and Health.
Exploring the Dangerous Trades: The Autobiography of Alice Hamilton, M.
Alice Hamilton (see box, page 462), and others, considerable progress has been made in improving these conditions.
Grant quotes Alice Hamilton, a Chicago physician who cared for immigrant women and their babies at Hull House.
In Esther's absence, Jordan must struggle with his political conflicts, his feelings about his marriage, and his sudden, overpowering sexual attraction to Alice Hamilton, a nurse who attends him after the beating.
Alice Hamilton, an attorney from the State Board of Pharmacy, several mothers of young cocaine users, local physicians, and representatives from the Chicago Bureau of Charities, the Chicago Police Department, and the Juvenile Court Committee.
Alice Hamilton was perhaps the most important, as the first to make occupational disease research a full-time career.
Alice Hamilton, a League member, convinced her Harvard colleagues that their data was being misrepresented.
In September 1910, Alice Hamilton, chief medical examiner for the Illinois State Commission on Occupational Diseases, was in Brussels attending the International Congress on Occupational Diseases, at which the Belgian delegate dismissed U.
In the past, I've cited some of our icons--Jane Addams, who founded social work, Alice Hamilton, who founded occupational medicine--as examples of lesbians who birthed both our feminist movement and some of our most important social justice movements.
Hamilton - Alice Hamilton, 93, of Eugene, died Dec.