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United States writer (1909-1981)

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London, Sep 7 (ANI): French actress Vanessa Paradis has confirmed she and partner Johnny Depp are considering playing Simone De Beauvoir and her lover Nelson Algren in an upcoming flick.
He made extraordinarily good use of his time, or as Nelson Algren, a fellow FWP writer, put it, "The writer whom the Illinois project helped the most was Dick Wright .
Chicago mayor Richard Daley said he "was part of a great Chicago literary tradition that stretched from Theodore Dreiser to Richard Wright to Nelson Algren to Mike Royko.
Her revelations are sometimes cruel, sometimes just mean-spirited (see the pages on James Jones, Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, Nelson Algren, and William Gaddis).
Brooke Horvath has written a useful and accessible introduction to Nelson Algren that concentrates on his fiction but also brings in his poetry, essays, and even his writing on Midwest food.
Tom was more appealing and acted far more convincingly as the angry, disillusioned and extremely rough-looking Nathan Algren in The Last SamuraiNOrlando Bloom Orlando has great potential and could be Johnny Depp's successor.
Raboteau--who won (among other honors) the Chicago Tribune's Nelson Algren Award for Short Fiction for "Bernie and Me," the piece that formed the basis of this novel, and whose stories have appeared in several publications--is definitely a writer to watch.
The 1930s saw Wright engaged in "self-making on the literary left" of Chicago with his friend and fellow writer Nelson Algren.
THE STORY: Set in Japan in the 1870s, Tom Cruise plays Captain Nathan Algren, a boozy, grizzled army officer recruited to train a new Japanese army, who is captured by a rebellious Samurai warrior.
Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is a troubled veteran of the American Civil War, who travels to the Far East at the request of the Emperor of Japan, to school the Tokyo troops in the art of modern warfare.
Captain Nathan Algren (Cruise) is a conflicted, tormented man who is chosen by the Emperor of Japan in the late 1800s to train his army to defeat the Samurai.
Samurai's'' leading man is Nelson Algren (played by Tom Cruise) who as a Civil War and Indian-fighting hero has seen so much killing that he has become a drunk.
So Captain Nathan Algren sets sails for the Far East to help to train the Japanese Army in modern warfare.
Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is a veteran of the American Civil War, who fought for his men and his country.
Students engage in practical, concrete, hands-on learning as they interact with new vocabulary terms (Mastropieri & Scruggs, 1992; Rutherford & Algren, 1990).