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Summary: The first international fair for Algerian and Tunisian tourism professionals will take place for the first time in Hammamet on May 4 and 5.
In recent days, many Algerians have entered Tunisia through the border post of Sakiet Sidi Youssef to spend their summer holidays.
Algerian security forces Wednesday arrested members of an arms smuggling network from Libya and an investigation is ongoing in the eastern and central regions of Algeria to track down members of the ring who are still at large, the Tunisian Telegraph reported.
Summary: The Algerian Red Crescent sent on Thursday 75 tons of humanitarian and medical aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.
About twice as many Algerians said the economy is doing well or very well in 2013 (66%) compared with 2011 (32%).
The country is yet to take advantage of the oil revenue to increase the productivity of Algerians.
Dubai: Algerians living in Dubai flocked to the Algerian consulate to cast their votes on the last day of elections.
These staffers had been bribed by the group's leader, Mokhtar BelMokhtar who as an Algerian businessman had cultivated personal ties with many fellow Algerians working in the desert (see news5AlgAQIM-Jan18-13).
After the hostage crisis was finally brought to a bloody end on Saturday by the Algerian military, with the deaths of at least 25 foreigners and Algerians, a picture has begun to emerge of the horror and savagery of the attack.
The terrorists staged a deadly attack on a natural gas field near the town of In Amenas on Wednesday seizing hundreds of Algerians and foreigners.
JGC said it had confirmed the safety of 61 of 78 workers after Algerian troops stormed the remote gas plant Saturday to end the hostage crisis in which Algerian authorities said 23 foreigners and Algerians were killed.
Up to 41 foreign workers and about 100 Algerians had been taken captive by Islamic militants, according to initial reports.
There are still 13 Algerians reported to be in Iraqi prisons, with 10-15 years sentences, including one for life imprisonment.
With photos) ALGIERS, July 25 (KUNA) -- Algerian is witnessing an influx of refugees from Syria who are joining their relatives in Algeria, while others were provided with shelter by capable Algerians.