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Englishman and Victorian poet (1809-1892)

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About what did Alfred Tennyson write: "Into the jaws of death/Into the mouth of Hell.
Tributes surround his tomb in the Byron family vault, including a marble slab from the king of Greece and quotes from poets Lord Alfred Tennyson and Percy Bysshe Shelley.
At the height of the spiritualism craze that swept Europe and America in the late 19th century, that burgeoning community of spiritualists counted among its devotees such luminaries as David Hume, Alfred Russel Wallace, Alfred Tennyson, John Ruskin, Lewis Carroll, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, and the father of modern American psychology, William James.
Paul Kennedy's new book on the United Nations takes its title from a famous poem written in 1837 by Lord Alfred Tennyson that offers a vision of a peaceful future when, thanks to the "Parliament of man," "the war-drum throbb'd no longer.
in English Literary History, 58 (1991), 427-38);Alan Sinfield, Alfred Tennyson (Oxford: Blackwell, 1986), pp.
British poet laureate Alfred Tennyson wrote about military misadventure in the Crimean War "someone had blundered," but he might as well have written about Shearwater because someone is definitely blundering here.
Historic recordings of Alfred Tennyson, Rudyard Kipling and John Betjeman have also been sourced.
The Victorian period produced a large body of Arthurian poetry: William Morris, Algernon Swinburne and Alfred Tennyson, to mention only a few, employed Arthurian motifs and created their own versions of the legend.
Mr Alfred Tennyson presents his compliments to Sir Redmond Barry and begs to thanks him most sincerely for his kind gift of the Catalogues and acacia seeds and the magnificent samples of corn.
The archive includes 48 letters from poet Lord Alfred Tennyson and the 'Punch' table inscribed with the initials of every contributor to the magazine.
This version persists in the work of such disparate artists as Richard Wagner, Alfred Tennyson, Fritz Lowe and Robert Bresson.
Organized into four chapters which are further subdivided into extremely short sections (two to seven pages each), her book traces the complicated route of the evolution of romanticism in the works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, Robert Southey, Victor Hugo, Alfred de Musset,William Wordsworth, and others, and then the post-romantic poetics of, primarily, William Wordsworth, Theophile Gautier, Mathew Arnold, Alfred Tennyson, and Oscar Wilde.
Watts, Henry Taylor, Alfred Tennyson, Carlyle, Thackeray and Ellen Terry) to good advantage as her skills as a photographer developed.
She had close and important friendships with painters, writers, critics and intellectuals including poet Alfred Tennyson and this selection of photographs at Dimbola House gives a fascinating insight to life on that corner of the Isle of Wight in the late 19th century.
The latter passed into oblivion but the former took on immortality after Alfred Tennyson, doing a good day's work as Poet Laureate, transformed boneheaded tragedy into a paean to unhesitating duty in the memorable verses of "The Charge of the Light Brigade":