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English philosopher and mathematician who collaborated with Bertrand Russell (1861-1947)


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1) Alfred North Whitehead, Process and Reality: An Essay in Cosmology, Gifford Lectures, 1927-28, corrected ed.
Whitehead- Dialogues with Alfred North Whitehead (1954)
The story takes in his relations with thinkers and mathematical giants of the era, two of his four marriages, and his hidden feelings for the young wife of fellow mathematician Alfred North Whitehead.
On entering the LaMontagne Gallery space, the viewer was treated to the only work of art that hung on a wall--Untitled, 2006-, a flat, vertical piece of unstained Baltic birch plywood on which Witkin has listed everyone he collaborated with, or who motivated him, to create this project, Among the names of friends, family members, and idols are Witkin's mother, Amy Witkin, fellow Boston artist Brian Zink, philosopher and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead, baseball star Pedro Martinez, and artist Yves Klein.
Alfred North Whitehead once said: "Duty arises out of the power to alter the course of events.
A deeper and richer understanding of just how much has been lost, and perhaps also what might or might not be the possibility of its retrieval or re-invention, can be ascertained through reflecting upon two of the last great defenses of the university in the light of modern realities: those of John Henry Cardinal Newman and Alfred North Whitehead, both of them nineteenth-century graduates of, and professors at, the English-speaking world's two most ancient and venerable universities, respectively those of Oxford and Cambridge--the two complementary texts themselves perhaps facing in opposing directions, centrifugal and centripetal--yet sharing the same essential concerns.
Currently Reading: "Merle's Door" by Ted Kerasote and "An Introduction to Mathematics" by Alfred North Whitehead
This saying, by British philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, is one of my favorite quotes.
Alfred North Whitehead (1929) called such mindless trivia "inert information" and said it neglects an education built on romance, precision, and generalization.
John Cobb is the chief builder, thinker, and leader of process theology, but process thought is based on the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshome, and there was a tradition of process theology at the University of Chicago before John came along.
As Alfred North Whitehead told us, nature (the cosmos) is "alive" It may expand, contract, or reach a temporary equilibrium.
In the 1920s, British mathematician and educator Alfred North Whitehead wrote an essay titled "The Rhythm of Education," in which he discussed the progression of a student in a formal learning situation.
In the spirit of Alfred North Whitehead, we are invited by the contributing authors to approach our current beliefs as if they only contain half of the truths we need in order to understand the questions we analyze (Hare 2000, 4).
Indeed, Alfred North Whitehead proclaimed that Christian theology holds the only metaphysical innovation since Plato.
Indeed, there is the argument put by Alfred North Whitehead, the philosopher, that modern science was invented once and only once, in the West (and not in China where technology was much more advanced) because of the propensity of Western thinkers to believe that God, although laying down very complex laws, was a reasonable, mathematically-inclined geometer.