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king of Macedon


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Apart from Jewish lore about Alexander, in Ethiopia Alexander became a Christian holy man, while for the nineteenth-century Bedouin, Napoleon was Iskander returning to Egypt (see, in brief, Tam, Alexander the Great, 143-45).
The inventor has developed multiple prototypes of the Alexander The Great Chess Game that have been utilized with success.
Pasko Kuzman, the former director of the Cultural Heritage Protection Office, told Utrinski vesnik that Alexander the Great was not buried in Amphipolis.
Alexander the Great, conqueror of much of the known world and (inset) the dried roots which may have caused his death
Wellesley College professor Guy MacLean Rogers studies the leadership of Alexander the Great, seeking what lessons can be learned from the enigmatic warrior.
Bidding by depositing sealed tenders for the lease of 30 years to upgrade on the Avenue Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki 2 property that houses the hotel Macedonia Pallas property of IKA.
This reference book looks at ancient Greek (490-323 BCE) military history, up to and including the battles of Alexander the Great.
The Book of Alexander the Great was first published in Greek in 1670 in Venice (a centre of Greek scholarship since the thirteenth century and even more so since the fall of the eastern empire).
The Russian Museum Hermitage is going to stage a massive exhibition about Alexander the Great at the Museum of Sydney, Australia, in November.
Analyst Robert Nesimi comments for Utrinski vesnik that the great vision of Alexander the Great was mix-ture of nations and melting the differences among them in order to create a global nation for his empire.
A five-metre-high statue of Tsar Samuil of Bulgaria, who ruled this country in the period 997 - 1014 was put up in Macedonia's capital Skopje only a week after the finishing of a 22m-high monument of Alexander the Great nearby, Bulgarian National Radio said.
Speaking before the oppositional Macedonian A1 TV channel, Fule commented the decision by PM Nikola Gruevski's government to erect a 12-meter high statue of a "warrior on horseback" resembling Alexander the Great in downtown Skopje, which was finished over the weekend and enraged Greece.
Alexander the Great arrived in Skopje together with the symbolic that it carries with him, writes Emin Azemi in Thursday's commentary.
Professor Denko Malevski says that the mounting of the monument of Alexander the Great will additionally worsen the Macedonian-Greek relations and former ambassador Luan Starova said that we still lack political culture to realize our identity.
The coins include 97 copper pieces from the Romanian and Byzantine eras, 47 silver coins from the Islamic period, 95 Greek silver coins and 72 pieces with the head of Alexander the Great featured on one of their two faces.