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Synonyms for dulcinea

a woman who is a man's sweetheart

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Norland's voice is not only melodic, it was haunting, as one could feel a lifetime of misery and pain for Aldonza.
Redondo) makes it possible to develop a curious digression on the sexual inclinations of Aldonza Lorenzo and a no-less-curious exploration of the lesbian lexicon of American-English urban language.
As "born on a dung heap" street wench Aldonza, Caballero convincingly made the transformation from hardened hussy to Don Quixote's dream maiden.
Don Chisciotte ha torto, ma anche ragione, perche senza la sua esigenza di poesia e di significato, di salvezza, la realta sarebbe incompleta, come sa bene Sancho Panza, il quale sente l'odore di stalla di Aldonza ma segue il cavaliere, perche insieme a lui anche la sua vita e piu ricca e piena.
When Don Quixote looked at Aldonza, the outcast, he saw the princess, Dulcinea.
And he names the other characters and makes fun of him: His ideal lady, Dulcinea del Toboso, is really a peasant girl who bellows and smells of garlic: Aldonza Lorenzo.
La Mancha, located on a secluded estate in Palm Spring's movie colony area, is one of the quality resorts offered by Moonstone Hotel Properties -- featuring Mediterranean style villas with private salt water pools and spas, a Spa Aldonza and Gerard Alexandre Hair Salon, intimate bar and restaurant, and seven on-site tennis courts.
Curenton has the role of Don Quixote, and Jessica Norland plays his love interest, Aldonza.
I was auditioning for the part of Aldonza, the wild, angry prostitute from "Man of La Mancha.
A new full-service spa, Spa Aldonza, has opened at the La Mancha Private Villas and Spa Resort.
However, it is Christina Pierro's Aldonza that captures Don Quixote's eye and grips his heart, as she will yours.
Under these circumstances, the production yields some emphatically good singing, especially from tenor David Wasson's gentle Padre and Susan Hoffman's Aldonza (looking a bit too much like a Ventura biker chick, in her leather bustier and Loretta Lynn hairdo).