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antihypertensive drug (trade name Aldomet) used in the treatment of high blood pressure

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She [Melinda] was on a very old fashioned blood pressure medication called Aldomet.
Aldomet was preferred because it does not alter normal haemodynamic responses to exercise, (38) and it is a well-tolerated antihypertensive drug in Africa.
In addition, a licensing agreement was concluded with US-based Iroko Pharmaceuticals for the distribution of three Merck, Sharpe & Dohme products including Aldomet, Indocid and Aggrastat.
5 mg BID Methyldopa (*) Aldomet 250 mg BID-TID Prazosin (*) Minipress 1 mg BID-TID Reserpine Various generic 0.
Brown: fava beans or rhubarb; sorbitol; senna (a laxative); and such drugs as Aralen, Robaxin, Aldomet, Flagyl, and Macrobid.