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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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The branch urged members to call their alderperson to support a bill setting up an independent Civilian Oversight Board.
The city is divided into four districts with two alderpersons representing each district.
From left to right: Maureen Nardacci (City Clerk), Alderpersons Dominick Tagliento, Rich Mooney (rear) and Pat Jackson; Mayor Dwyer, Kathy Jimino, County Legislator Mike Stammel, and Robert Pasinella Jr.
Decisions were made by the Steering Committee whose members included the County Warden, two County Councillors and three City Alderpersons.
0% Alderpersons Left candidates 6(ILP) 7(ILP) 4ILP, 2CCF 1CPC Left winners 5 4 5 Winning parties ILP ILP 2ILP, 3CCF Votes for Left 13352 11910 15752 Closest Rival +463 + 1364 +595 % Left Vote 41.