Alcoholics Anonymous

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an international organization that provides a support group for persons trying to overcome alcoholism

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Eternally grateful to everyone who helped him become and remain sober, Robert felt compelled to write 12 Simple Steps to Loving Life, a book that adapts the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous in a way that everyone can benefit from, not just those struggling with addiction.
Alcoholics Anonymous attendance was measured by asking participants to calculate the total number of AA meetings they had attended throughout their lives.
Alcoholics Anonymous tries to support the drinker who wishes to stop by acknowledging the problem, reflecting on its impact and giving active support from peers when the going is tough for the "recovering" alcoholic.
Edited to 400 pages, it was finally called Alcoholics Anonymous.
Long-term outcomes of alcohol use disorders: comparing untreated individuals with those in alcoholics anonymous and formal treatment.
In Glendale, California, Superior Court Judge John Doyle sentenced Osment to three years probation and ordered the 18-year-old to spend 60 hours in an alcohol rehabilitation and education programme, as well as attend at least 26 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings over a six-month period.
This launched a life of care for others in the docks of Baltimore, in meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, in churches and prisons across the country, and internationally with IofC.
Decades before Alcoholics Anonymous, he had created his own program of recovery that relied on surrendering to a Higher Power.
Their theories go against the teaching of Alcoholics Anonymous, and of many alcoholism treatment centres, but the couple feel that the traditional approaches to treating alcoholism are inadequate and outdated.
must also attend Alcoholics Anonymous and complete the annual relapse prevention program provided by the Sexual Behaviour Program, while both adults are to maintain regular contact with the Healthy Babies, Healthy Children Program and to complete other parenting programs consistent with the girls' development.
It takes an often-overlooked approach of transforming the twelve-step recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous to a similar Depression Anonymous program, in order to help people cope and remain balanced.
Fired from Hughes Missile Systems (now Raytheon) in 1991 when he tested positive for cocaine, Hernandez, who also had a drinking problem, reapplied in 1994 after joining Alcoholics Anonymous and giving up drugs.
Teenage Kelli was sent to the Exodus program, sort of an Alcoholics Anonymous for queers.
Due to the author not separating Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and Alateen, the original, second, and third twelve-step programs that were started, out of whatever programs she meant, I am compelled to write.
The halfway house incorporated programs similar to Alcoholics Anonymous.