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Synonyms for alcoholic

Synonyms for alcoholic

containing alcohol

Synonyms for alcoholic

a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually

characteristic of or containing alcohol


addicted to alcohol

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The cross-party group on Children of Alcoholics will hear from the celebrities at a House of Commons hearing.
Table 1: The Percentage of Neurological Complications in Alcoholics Neurological Complications in Alcoholics Number Percentage Alcohol Withdrawal Seizures 57 38.
Chi-square tests were performed to compare the genotype distributions of ADH1B (*1/*1, *1/*2, *2/*2) and ADH1C (*1/*1, *1/*2, *2/*2) genes and *1 and *2 allele frequencies between healthy volunteers versus alcoholics and non-cirrhotic alcoholics versus alcoholic cirrhotics.
Many alcoholics seek counseling as well as 12-step meetings in early recovery; I found the combination to be extremely therapeutic.
The research indicates that getting active in service helps alcoholics and other addicts become sober and stay sober, and suggests this approach is applicable to all treatment-seeking individuals with a desire to not drink or use drugs.
With respect to illicit drug use, adolescent children of alcoholics who use drugs are more likely to continue doing so during their transition to young adulthood than their peers from non-alcoholic families.
This finding is important for this paper since we studied women managers and people's attitudes toward those who are alcoholics.
Children who have alcoholic parents have the highest risk of becoming alcoholics themselves when they become adults.
As a result, the report claims research has shown this group are three to four times more likely to become alcoholics than the general population, and 50% go on to marry alcoholics.
For anyone who is an alcoholic, or anyone who loves one, those are the greatest miracles of all.
2003; National Association for Children of Alcoholics [NACOA], 1998).
Alcoholics and addicts have to admit and accept the fact they have a mental allergy, if you will, to alcohol and/or narcotics.
Although research has shown that male alcoholics generally have smaller brain volumes than nonalcoholic males, the few studies that have compared brain structure in alcoholic men and women have had mixed results.
MONTREAL -- Ondansetron helps some early-onset alcoholics stop drinking, according to Dr.
After an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Nurse Green explains that she knew Kenzie's father when they both were children, and she tells of his physical and psychological abuse by his own alcoholic mother.