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FSSAI is in the process of preparing standards for alcoholic beverages and the best global practices in this regard are being referred to.
This change applies only to alcoholic beverages the alcohol proof of which is above 30.
If businesses do not comply with these rules, they will not be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages.
If our new regulation concerning alcoholic beverages is against international criteria or EU norms, we will re-evaluate the regulations itself, Celik said.
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The authors said: "The percentage of a magazine's youth readers was an important predictor of which alcoholic beverages were advertised in a magazine.
In May 2008, Nielsen surveyed approximately 3,500 consumers who had purchased alcoholic beverages from a store during the last three months.
The sales increase resulted from an upsurge in both internal and external demand for alcoholic beverages sold in Finland.
Drunkenness--To drink alcoholic beverages to the extent that one's mental faculties and physical coordination are substantially impaired.
Can I drink an alcoholic beverage while I am using OxyContin for pain relief?
ACTON - Los Angeles County planning officials have recommended allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages at a proposed Albertson's supermarket opposed by many Acton residents.
As a result, each 1800 Single Barrel bottle offers a distinct flavor and taste--positioning this tequila among the more high-quality alcoholic beverages.
In 1977 he wrote to the Department of the Treasury's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), asking that they consider placing warning labels on alcoholic beverages.
Since 1989, every bottle of beer, wine, and liquor sold in the United States has carried a two-part government warning that is by now almost as familiar as the bar code: "(1) According to the surgeon general, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects.
In its thirteenth annual report on Eating Patterns in America, NPD noted that alcoholic beverages are now served at 3.